A centenary of oil exploration in Uganda [1913-2013]

At the time of the writing of the first geological appraisal of Uganda’s oil prospects, Mr Wayland, the director of the Department of Geological Survey at Entebbe, listed five other concessions with regard to oil– all British businesses.

They included Sir Sydney Henn (1920), Chijoles Oil Ltd (1920) Lord Drogheda (1920), Messrs Bird & Co (1920) and Messrs E.S, Grogan, A.F. Dudgeon, A.G Tannerhill and Owen Grant. The latter licences were issued between July and September of the same year.

Mining royalty fees defaulters named, face travel bans

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has published a list of mineral license holders who have not paid fees for mineral exploration, development and production.

The list indicates that fees for 174 exploration, location, retention and mining licenses have not been paid amounting to eight hundred and fifty million shillings (USD257,000). The list contains both individuals and companies, with many of the companies holding multiple licenses.