Amongi, the minister of Land, Housing and Urban Development, has said the process of evicting people from Rwamutonga in Hoima district to pave way for the construction of an oil-waste treatment plant was done illegally.

She said the people of Rwamutonga are bonafide occupants of land situated at Plot 34, Block 5 known as land at Kakoora, Rwamutonga, Katanga, Buhanguzi and Bugambe – Hoima, measuring approximately 382.797 hectares. She said her findings reveal they were wrongfully evicted from the land.

A centenary of oil exploration in Uganda [1913-2013]

At the time of the writing of the first geological appraisal of Uganda’s oil prospects, Mr Wayland, the director of the Department of Geological Survey at Entebbe, listed five other concessions with regard to oil– all British businesses.

They included Sir Sydney Henn (1920), Chijoles Oil Ltd (1920) Lord Drogheda (1920), Messrs Bird & Co (1920) and Messrs E.S, Grogan, A.F. Dudgeon, A.G Tannerhill and Owen Grant. The latter licences were issued between July and September of the same year.

Global Rights Alert to participate in high level oil and gas conference in USA

Press Release

March 27, 2017: Global Rights Alert will on March 28, 2017 participate in a high level conference in Washington DC, USA to discuss the East Africa oil boom. The event, jointly sponsored by Oxfam America & Johns Hopkins University, brings together extractive industry experts from government, private sector, civil society, media and the international donor community across the globe.

Golden Handshake turns bitter

A team of 13 national and international Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) including Global Rights Alert, petitioned the Parliament of Uganda on the illegal tax waiver of $157,095,366. The waiver was granted to Tullow PLC by government of Uganda upon sell of its interests in three oil exploration areas to CNOOC and Total E&P.

93 families affected by oil fields stranded


Three years down the road, 93 households in Buseruka,

Hoima district are still waiting for the land Government promised to relocate them after theirs was taken for oil and gas exploration and production.

The 93 who are stranded on the oil fields land are those families out of 1, 221 who opted for land instead of being given money for compensation.

"People who opted for land relocation are suffering and they feel neglected,

Refinery affected persons hang in balance

As we journeyed deeper into Bukona Village in Buseruka Sub-county- Hoima District, the road grew narrower and steeper. Over grown shrubs made it impossible for the strong four wheel drive vehicles to proceed in the comfort of our air-conditioned mini bus. We step out into sweltering sun and walk the rest of the kilometres deeper into village to meet the community members of the 93 households who remain on the land awaiting resettlement and 670 people waiting for compensation.

Uganda should include everyone in oil agenda


Rev Fr Dr Edward Obi is a Nigerian priest, born and now working in the Niger delta,

where Nigeria’s oil is exploited.

He is the executive secretary of the Niger Delta Catholics Bishops Forum.

The forum has been at the forefront of

campaigning for good oil governance

and inclusion of the host-communities of the Niger delta in the petroleum industry.

Recently, Dr Obi was invited to Kampala by Global Rights Alert (GRA),