Oil & Gas

Oil-rich Hoima struggles to solve the land question - Photo of Rwamutonga camp


Written by Edward Ssekika

“I used to hear of IDPs [internally displaced person’s camps] in northern Uganda during the Kony war. I never imagined the day I would also end up in a camp,” Grace Atuhura narrates.

For nearly a year, Atuhura together with four children have lived in an IDP camp in Rwamutonga, Bugambe sub-county, Hoima district. Her story is a tale of misery brought about by oil and gas discovery in her area — Hoima district.

201 families evicted to pave way for oil waste treatment plant in Hoima District

Hoima, 26 August 2014 – Global Rights Alert (GRA) strongly condemns the illegal eviction of 201 families from their land in Rwamutonga Village, Bugambe Sub County, Hoima District by businessman Joshua Tibangwa with the help of Uganda Police Force.

People were tear-gassed and shot at and children disappeared during the eviction.

Houses were broken down and burnt to ashes, clothes set on fire and property destroyed. Gardens were slashed to the ground while food and animals were looted and whatever was left was set on fire.