Amongi, the minister of Land, Housing and Urban Development, has said the process of evicting people from Rwamutonga in Hoima district to pave way for the construction of an oil-waste treatment plant was done illegally.

She said the people of Rwamutonga are bonafide occupants of land situated at Plot 34, Block 5 known as land at Kakoora, Rwamutonga, Katanga, Buhanguzi and Bugambe – Hoima, measuring approximately 382.797 hectares. She said her findings reveal they were wrongfully evicted from the land.

A centenary of oil exploration in Uganda [1913-2013]

At the time of the writing of the first geological appraisal of Uganda’s oil prospects, Mr Wayland, the director of the Department of Geological Survey at Entebbe, listed five other concessions with regard to oil– all British businesses.

They included Sir Sydney Henn (1920), Chijoles Oil Ltd (1920) Lord Drogheda (1920), Messrs Bird & Co (1920) and Messrs E.S, Grogan, A.F. Dudgeon, A.G Tannerhill and Owen Grant. The latter licences were issued between July and September of the same year.

Uganda and Tullow sign deal to start oil production

The deals pave the way for a $10bn (£6bn) investment in a refinery and crude oil export pipeline. Tullow will sell two-thirds of its interest in the Lake Albert Rift Basin to a Chinese company, CNOOC and the French firm, Total.

The deal is worth $2.9bn and ends a deadlock with the Ugandan government over future taxes. Uganda's Oil Minister Irene Muloni said Tullow had accepted the government's revisions to "stabilisation clauses" which are included in the contracts to protect companies from future losses if the government alters tax laws.